dimanche 6 mars 2011

how to get a cold 101

sometimes, you are bored, confused, amazed, or feeling any other emotions and you think « hey, how could i easily get a cold?? ».

well, i would like to tell you some easy ways to get one.

  • you can always jump in your frozen pool, just to try.
  • you can put your air-conditioned at its maximum.
  • you can try to spend an entire day in your fridge.
  • you can take a long relaxing very cold bath.
  • you can sleep naked with the window opened.
  • or you can take pictures outside, without socks, and with a ballet suit.

and personally, i think the last one is a pretty cool option.

so, no kidding, we tried to do a little photoshoot looking kind of like black swan. KIND OF.

and, yeah, here are the results.

actually, i did the tutu myself with a big crinoline skirt i had for halloween a long time ago.

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