samedi 5 mars 2011

chocked miss

this is a chocked, unhappy miss. i don't know for which reason she reacted that way. let's try to find it out.

  • she just saw the movie blue velvet by david lynch and didn't understand a shit.
  • she just saw the new spring 2011 coach shoes collection and wanted it all.
  • she just realised that her birthday was next wednesday.
  • she just wanted to kill her brother for x reasons. (there are a lot actually)
  • she just realised that study break was ending and that she had to go back to school on monday.
  • she just remembered she was going in germany in may.
  • she just remembered that because she was going in germany in may, she was broken and she could not afford buying one little tiny thing.
  • she just realised that she was broken and that she wanted to buy a lot of clothes. all in the same time.
  • she just saw her big fluffy cat sleeping on the kitchen table.
  • she just realised that her cat had such a shitty name : Mozart. (where does it come from anyway)
  • she was just pissed at her tiny little dog who, one again, pees on the kitchen floor. once again.
  • all of the above.

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